What does PixElement have to offer?

Our algorithms are complicated, our tools are not

All you need is a browser to start processing your imagery using our bullet-proof uploader. No hiccups, no disruptions, only results.
PixElement offers an easy-to-use interface

Precision accuracy

Take confidence in your data as PixElement provides the accuracy your project demands.

PixElement’s Supervised Machine Learning Ground Control Tool allows for incredible accuracies to within 1cm, and our highly detailed accuracy reports include final GPS error, pixel-space residual, and confidence intervals.

Boundless Storage

Every PixElement plan offers unlimited storage.

All your data is safely and redundantly backed up to prevent data loss, and your data is securely protected behind PixElement’s best-in-class security controls.

Want More?

Visualize your data in browser

Lightning Fast

PixElement’s cloud-based processing offers 10 times the speed of traditional processing software
Access your data from any device

Outrageous Scalability

Whether you need to process 10 or 10,000 images, PixElement scales with you.
Share your data with one-click

Adaptive Computing

No slowdowns, no waiting in line. PixElement adapts to system surges on the fly.

Customer Support

With PixElement, you have a 24/7 connection to experts ready to help troubleshoot with you.

Feel the love with:

  • Automated input data checking and error guards
  • Detailed error reports quantifying GPS, GCP, and adjustment residual
  • Direct, realtime access to subject matter experts and customer support